ffmpeg_animated_gif object methods
Method Description
$gif = new ffmpeg_animated_gif(String output_file_path, Integer width, Integer height, Integer frame_rate, [Integer loop_count]) create a new ffmpeg_animated_gif object
  • output_file_path - Location in the filesystem where the animated gif will be written.
  • width - Width of the animated gif.
  • height - Height of the animated gif.
  • frame_rate - Frame rate of the animated gif in frames per second..
  • loop_count - Number of times to loop the animation. Put a zero here to loop forever or omit this parameter to disable looping.
$frame->addFrame(ffmpeg_frame frame_to_add) Add a frame to the end of the animated gif.
  • frame_to_add - The ffmpeg_frame object to add to the end of the animated gif.

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